Pedestrian | 07.07.16

Last year I did a bit of personal work in between projects. In the first part of the year I finally managed to edit together a retrospective called A Burning Cloud -- this was a lot of early work that I'd been sitting on for years and years. While in the US shooting The 1975's record sleeve I shot about fifteen rolls of film. Over the winter I edited that together with a short story and produced an A2 pamphlet called Sailing Stones -- which I've now exhibited as well.

Its been seven months since I shot any new personal work. This is partially due to a lack of time, but mostly due to a lack of motivation. I've always found that a very effective way to combat creative block is to simply start working again -- with or without any ideas. 

So this week I began an exercise -- take the camera out and walk an alternate route to wherever I'm going. Take photos of anything that catches your attention. The results were mostly boring, but I did manage to get a few shots I was happy with. Results below.


I intend to continue this exercise through July or until something more substantial takes hold. I'll be in London early next week so I'll probably wait until I'm back in Norwich to post another set.