Vicra DRK // Preset Collection

Vicra DRK is designed specifically for flash-heavy scenes in the dark be it in a forest, a field, a music venue, or a nightclub. Works great with skin tones too. Perfect for a fashion lookbook, a personal project, a concert, or even a night out.

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Vicra DRK is £8.00 and includes:

  • DRK R75
  • DRK X15
  • DRK X25
  • DRK X75
  • 4 FlatLite adjustments
  • 4 Grain adjustments
  • Instructions
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DRK R75 is the flagship preset of Vicra DRK. Its perfect for a softly stylised night scene. This preset features a deep cyan wash in the shadows and soft pink highlights.

DRK x25

DRK X25 is another cross-processed preset like X25 but with greater emphasis on magenta as well as a heavier cyan wash over the shadows.

DRK x15

DRK X15 is a more stylised preset, heavily cross-processed greens and reds. The shadows and highlights are flattened and washed with reds and yellows.

DRK x75

DRK X75 is cross-processed like X15 and X25 but with a lot more punch to the contrast and colours as well as a less stylised treatment of the highlights and shadows.

Coming Soon...

Vicra URB preset pack for Adobe Lightroom, designed for vibrant urban photography.