Vicra WVS // Preset Collection

Vicra WVS is designed specifically for bright summer outdoor scenes -- cloudless blue skies, sandy yellow beaches, crashing white waves, and sun-bleached grass. Works great with skin tones too. Perfect for a fashion lookbook, a personal project, a portrait series, or an editorial photoshoot.

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Vicra WVS is £8.00 and includes:

  • WVS 75
  • WVS 25
  • WVS X75
  • WVS X30
  • 4 FlatLite adjustments
  • 4 Grain adjustments
  • Instructions
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WVS 75

WVS 75 is the flagship preset of Vicra WVS. Its perfect for bringing out the bright and colourful seaside tones. This preset features punchy blues and sandy earth-tones.

WVS x75

WVS X75 takes the signature blues and sandy tones from 75 but adds some cross processing of the shadows and highlights, bringing in some deep reds and soft yellows.

WVS 25

WVS 25 is quite similar to WVS 75 in terms of its greens and sandy earth-tones, but its blues are pulled back significantly for a more subdued final image.

WVS x30

WVS X30 is cross processed like X75, but different in every other way. Most prominently it features some reworked green and blue hues and softer earth tones to create a milkier finish.


Now Available: Vicra DRK

Vicra DRK preset pack for Adobe Lightroom, designed for flash-heavy night photography.